Local Events


Pittsburghers for Public Transit is hosting a press conference to launch a petition drive calling  for an emergency low-income fare now!


Members of BTRU will mount special rider advisories at decommissioned  bus stops across our region. Buffalo’s transit authority cut 5 percent of bus service since the pandemic started, and are suggesting more pre-emptive cuts are on the way as they burn through the CARES Act funding. 


The Motor City Freedom Riders will be canvassing other bus riders at the State Fairgrounds Transit Center and the Rosa Parks Transit Center as part of a call-in day to members of Congress. Contact (313) 355-4098 or motorcityfreedomriders@gmail.com for details or to get involved.


More Money for Service, Not for Cops! OPAL is holding an event in Holladay Park at 4pm PDT on Tuesday. Bring masks and signs!


Clevelanders for Public Transit will be cohosting an action with Black Spring CLE Tuesday afternoon in Public Square to #AbolishtheOverlap and defund transit police.


Philly TRU is attending the Transit Foward Philadelphia coalition meeting to fight for more funding on Tuesday.


Seattle TRU is launching a campaign to distribute care packages to transit riders, and pushing for a ballot initiative to expand transit funding.

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